Cheryl Blanchard DeShon

I’m retired after 45+ years of being an OB RN specializing in perinatal loss and adoption which I did for several years before loosing a baby of my own and adopting 2 more from SouthKorea. My (second) husband of 40 years was also a Hale grad in ’76. We met doing music atchurch (long before I was married the first time) and we did lots of weddings and funerals until we both graduated from college and got ‘real’ jobs. Also had two more kids I gave birth to but lost my oldest son suddenly in 2010 from an infection. We remain connected to his wife and 3 children as well as to her new husband (my son’s best friend) and the 2 more kids they added to their family. I have 10 grandchildren and have been at all of their births. Some were pretty stressful! All are a blessing.

I like to sew, knit, create and read. I love my French Bulldog and keep busy most all the time! I inherited a house and sold it ‘as is’ then got SUED 2 years later because they had to fix stuff (after their remodeler messed stuff up)! We won but I found out there is nothing ‘just’ about our ‘justice system’. It cost me a fortune. I’m still hoping to find time to write a couple

of books some day. I have really enjoyed working on the reunion committee and looking forward to seeing everyone!

Dean Cotton

What can happen in 50 years! So much!

Currently married going on 14 years and living right up the hill from Seahawks headquarters over on the Eastside. So many hobbies and interests - golf (in the spring/summer) bowling (in the fall/winter). Been doing this for over 35 years. Since high school I played professionally in a 70's classic rock band and still to this day play in my home studio.

As for my career, I am currently a Sales Director at DACO Corporation. It is a material handling company and I manage a team of structural engineers who build elaborate racking solutions for the big warehouses throughout the US and Canada. We also specialize in automation i.e. conveyor systems as well. If you go to Costco/Boeing or any large company and look at the racking that holds product, we probably have designed it.

Something I am proud of - as you get up in years, health is so important. I have hired a professional workout coach and nutritionist in a program that has shown incredible results. A sedentary lifestyle isn't for me. I lift weights daily in a structured program and eat like I should have been eating years ago. I have trimmed and tightened up! The results are crazy good.

No longer am I the soft spoken guy from high school. I'm about as extroverted as it gets.

Traveled in business extensively around the country. On the personal side, my wife and I play once a year in Las Vegas (love the pool time) and have traveled to Hawaii on numerous occasions.

Something lucky - blessed with good health and still working hard at 68 young years old. Still enjoy the hunt in business and being around new people.

Luanne Gates Atwood

I feel truly blessed to be in contact with some of the people from our class. They are loving, kind and wonderful people. I am a Christian who has not been a great example. I was married for 35 years and it ended in 2012. I have 3 children and 4 grandchildren and 1 great-granddaughter. I also have a couple of grand birdies and a grandpup (I know some might think this is silly, but they're cute critters!) I live with my 95 year old mom and 2 kitties, Buster and Sissy. I had recorded a few YouTube videos of me singing which was fun. I've done karaoke and sung in church and loved it. I've lived in Australia, near Adelaide, winter in Arizona with mom and mostly stay in Seattle in the home I grew up in since 1969 (even my same childhood bedroom!) I feel so extremely lucky to be with my mom. She's spry and with-it and silly. We have laughter, tears and have a very close relationship. Every day is a gift!

Celebrated our 40th wedding anniversary on August 4. For 37 of the those our annual ‘mecca’ was to Bakersfield California where my husband is from. Our theme song is ‘On the Road Again’ by Willie Nelson. My husband, Chuck, had a stroke in 2011 so still working through that. He’s had a wide variety of caregivers from 30 to 76 years old, Fiji, Philippines, Canada, some worked out, some not so, one for two days, one still for 12 years. The one he’s had since 2012 and we’ve watched her grade school boys grow up into fine young men who also graduated from Nathan Hale. Our son, Evan, will be 39 in November. Repairs a lot of arcade games all around. Has been in dart leagues, hosts pinball tournaments. Graduated from Nathan Hale in 2004. Had the same PE teacher we had, Mr. Case. Our daughter, Merideth, is 36. She’s been a pharmacy technician for 14 years. Very happy not working in a retail pharmacy anymore. Works for a mail-order pharmacy since 2020 and loves it. Just got promoted to supervisor of 20. Graduated from Nathan Hale in 2006. Now, Me. I still live in the same house I grew up in. Yep. One neighbor I grew up with still lives in the same house he and his siblings grew up in. All four graduated from Hale. I’ve only had three main jobs. Retail store office for ten years starting in high school. That company closed shortly after I left. Small Christian publishing company for three years, then it closed shortly after I left. Hmm…a pattern? CPA firm for 29 years. (no, not an accountant). Technology took away much of my job/’usefulness’ so they let me go in 2019. Never been unemployed so it was very hard adjustment mentally and financially and losing all benefits. After having to pay over $800/month for medical when I only went for the annual physicals, I was extremely excited when I could enroll in Medicare! Since 2020 I’ve been the administrator of a small construction company that installs/repairs stucco, plaster, ornamental plaster and such. I love it. Great company and employees. I’ll probably work there another three years, but who knows. Starting to look for replacements for me and our bookkeeper who’s 70. If you know of anyone, refer them to me.

Phyllis Goodell Adkins

David Gordon

Graduated early and hitch-hiked around Europe alone. Went to college, taking a year off to do construction work. Taught math in Africa in the Peace Corps. Became a software engineer for Bellevue companies. Sister committed suicide—40 years ago and it still hurts. Fell in love with a wonderful hospice nurse, married, worked for Mother Theresa in India, then construction again. Recruited by the Human Genome Project where my software was needed. Had a daughter and became very involved in parenting. Bounced back and forth between Seattle and Port Townsend. Now our dream house in Port Townsend. Tried and didn’t like retirement so got a part-time remote job in computational genetics. Have always devoted part of every week to peace and justice, now Gaza. Hiking and still running. Hobbies include construction work (e.g., digging and wiring), learning violin, studying Chinese, 2 book groups. Still in love with my wife. No grandchildren yet but that will be the next adventure.

Sue Lindley Mitchell

Rick and I have been married 49 years come November, and have two sons and 3 grandkids. Three years ago we moved from our home of 43 years in Lynnwood to a little rambler 35 miles north in Arlington. We are enjoying retirement amongst the evergreens and wildlife that surround us. We volunteer at a Foodbank one day a week, and manage to keep very busy with assorted crafts and house projects. Spending time with family and friends is important, as is eating ice cream at our favorite local spot!

Glen Scott

Still married to my sweetheart Kristen, an architect. Dad to Maren (28, London) and Jamie (23, Seattle). Retired in 2015 after a career managing investment real estate for pension funds and life insurance companies. Still in touch with a number of Raiders, some of whom I golf and ski with. Focused on travel these days; just back from Japan, headed to Italy. Also gardening and woodworking. It has been a great ride, no complaints. That said, I am dispirited by how our society has become so polarized and I hope events like our reunion will serve as a reminder to us all that we really do need each other. I appreciate the efforts of Sue et al in putting it on.